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Consulting Services – International Trade and Transportation

ARTEMUS TS has the experience and the staff to assist in getting your organization started in the area of international transportation.  In addition, ARTEMUS TS staff can help with improving your International Trade business and work processes to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and improve your contribution per shipment. 

ARTEMUS TS - Areas of Expertise

  • Design and implementation of classroom and online training for your business
  • FMC and NVO License application and attainment
  • Carrier Bond and trade bond attainment and application
  • Set up of support services and staff
  • Document creation such as Bill of Lading set up and Terms-Conditions
  • Service Contracting and Rates with Carriers and partner NVOCC-Freight Forwarders
  • Routing and Rating – Service Set up for domestic transportation moves
  • Port and Terminal Operation education and support
  • Systems Design, Development and deployment
  • Training and Education of Staff on critical transportation work processes
  • Cargo Claims Support
  • Fines and Penalty Mitigation
  • Collections of Freight
  • Many more . . .

To discuss areas of support and/or consulting for Trade and Transportation, please contact us at 866-744-7101 or email at information@artemus.us



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