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Hazardous Cargo Handling Certification and Re-Certification Online

This course covers the regulations of the United States Department of Transportation regarding the safe and legal transportation of materials designated as hazardous. The training is designed to satisfy the general awareness and security awareness training requirements of 49 CFR 172.704(a) for those who work with the transportation of hazardous cargo in the international trade industry.The areas covered in the certification training and reviewed in the recertification training are Hazardous Cargo Classification and how to use the Hazardous Cargo Table, Proper Hazardous Cargo Shipping Names, Hazardous Cargo Packaging Requirements, Hazardous Cargo Shipping Papers, Hazardous Cargo Marking & Labeling, Hazardous Cargo Placards, Placarding Requirements, Hazardous Cargo Loading & Unloading and Hazardous Cargo Security.

This course includes associated documentation, online text book and search engine with shipping terms and definitions. All students have access to online instructors and other students with blog and discussion boards available.

Cost of the certification course – US $395
Timeframe of Certification course – 16 hour course with 21 days to complete.
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