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Operations: Equipment Control, Intermodal Transportation, Marine / Terminal Operation

This course covers the basics of these areas of international movement of cargo. In the Equipment Section, the student goes through all type of equipment used to transport international cargo as well as reviewing, equipment and chassis pools, M&R, Depots, fleets, drivers and key terms. In Intermodal, the student covers all the options available for land transport of international shipments. The student reviews each option to determine how best and most cost effectively moving cargo on land. The course covers the involvement of other parties such as logistics company’s, 3PL’s, shipping lines, freight forwarders, trucking companies and how rates are determined and quoted. Finally, the student reviews the different types of moves for international shipments on land and then eventually on sea. This course includes associated documentation, online text book and search engine with shipping terms and definitions. All students have access to online instructors and other students with blog and discussion boards available.

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Cost of the course - US$249

Timeframe of course – 3 Hour Course with 7 days to complete.



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