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The course covers the material you need to know and understand to effectively trade and ship in the global marketplace. The course includes the evolution of international trade and transportation, all critical work processes, compliance requirements and different modes of transportation. The course will enhance your competitiveness in the global marketplace as a seller, buyer or service provider. The ARTEMUS Group has compiled a 32-hour comprehensive course that covers the entire ocean shipping and transportation process. Shipping 101™ is an interactive course that includes actual shipping work process execution in a live environment.

This includes a port tour, text book, work book, shipping geography and concluding with competency testing is given on the last day of the course to test understanding and retention. 3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and 20 Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) Certified Export Specialist (CES) Credit is issued to those testing at 70% or higher.


Shipping 101 will be offered in Virginia Beach, VA and Suffolk, VA on MONDAY EVENINGS and THURSDAY EVENINGS from 6:00 -  9:00 during the following dates:

  1. February 3rd  – 27th  … location is Tidewater Community College - Virginia Beach Campus

  2. March 3rd  – 27th  … location is the Workforce Development Center in Suffolk (I-664 and College Drive)

Shipping 101 will be offered New York/New Jersey and Seattle-Tacoma, WA area MONDAY thru THURSDAY  9am-4pm (FRIDAY is 2 hours only for final exam)

  1. March 3rd – 7th …..location is Marine Exchange of Puget Sound – 100 W Harrison – Suite S-560, Seattle WA

  2. April 2014 (Dates TBA) …location is New York Shipping Association – 1210 Corbin Street – Elizabeth NJ  

Contact us today for more information at 1-866-SHIP-101 1-866-SHIP- or send us an e-mail at information@artemus.us.

To reserve a space in one of our up-coming classroom courses, please fill out our Shipping 101 Training Request Form and fax it to us at: 1-866-744-7102 1-866-744-7102

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