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International Import (Inbound) Documentation Online

This course covers the basics of those key process areas of import or inbound documentation requirements. During this course, the student reviews all the necessary and standard or common import documentation, which takes place at the port of discharge for an international cargo shipment. Included in this section is a detailed review of the documents, the role Consignee, Importer, the nations Customs agency and associated Govt Agencies, Shipping Line, Motor Carrier and Driver, Terminal Operator, Freight Forwarder, Broker and the Shipping Agent. The Arrival Notice Customs and Freight Manifests are reviewed in detail including the legal and contractual details that accompany the use of the these documents for international trade and duty payments.

The different types of documents and information requirements also include individual customer documents, delivery orders, alternative port moves, examinations, bonds, entry’s inbound cargo reporting and pre-alerts. This course includes associated documentation, online text book and search engine with shipping terms and definitions. All students have access to online instructors and other students with blog and discussion boards available.

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Cost of the course - US$249

Timeframe of course – 2 Hour Course with 7 days to complete.




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