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Rate Filing – Online Tariff Hosting

Federal Maritime Commission Approved

ARTEMUS’s International Rate Filing System (i-RS) allows Master Carriers and OTI license holders to meet the requirements of the Shipping Act that requires rate filing through an FMC Approved provider and online Tariff Hosting open to the public.

This online system (developed by Info-X) is set up to allow easy online access to your rates for your current and potential clients.  This system also allows easy rate filing and service contract filing with data entry on one page. 

If you are in need of a provider for tariff filing and online tariff hosting, the International Rate Filing system will save you 30%-50% from other providers.  Access is anywhere on any devices with an internet connection.  No special software is required.  Reports are available and can easily be customized to your business needs. 

To set up a demo of the system and to get more information on setup, pricing and transferring from your current provider to i-RS at NO CHARGE, please contact us, click here.


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