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Introduction to International Trade & Transport

This course covers the basics of those key process areas of international shipping. The student starts with going through the history of container shipping, then moves into a detailed explanation of the shipping cycle and Inco terms. Further through the course, the student reviews all vessel size, types, container security initiatives, key associations, government agencies and federal, state and international governing bodies and their function.

Finally, the students completes an overview of the export cycle, import cycle, logistics, intermodal, domestic transportation and with all documentation and equipm ent used for the import and export cycle. Closing this section, the student reviews the port operations and then completes a review in each section as well as submits a final exam to gauge the learning through this four hour course. Course includes associated documentation, online text book and search engine with shipping terms and definitions. All students have access to online instructors and other students with blog and discussion boards available.

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Cost of the course - US$159

Timeframe of course – 2 Hour Course with 7 days to complete.


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